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DNB Greenhouse 2022 - unique job opportunity for newly graduated IT or security students!

Søknadsfrist:  31.10.2021

LocationNorge : Bjørvika 




What is Greenhouse


DNB Greenhouse is our graduate program for recent graduates with a degree within IT/engineering or security. The program is an important part of our aim to build relevant skills for the future, and a workforce where newbies and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds work together to create great, innovative solutions. You get to be part of a highly competent IT organisation, and even get your own mentor to guide you through the beginning of your career.


Being a Greenhouse graduate, you can choose between three different tracks; software engineering, IT architecture or cyber security, with emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge within the different disciplines accordingly. All the different Greenhouse tracks are part of the DNB graduate programme, where you will interact with graduates across the entire organisation in order to grow both personally and professionally and get the best possible start to your DNB journey.


Software engineering

This is a one-year programme where you get to learn and practise all the necessary know-how of software engineering in a business-oriented context. We’ll provide you the toolset necessary to become a great Software Engineer within one of our many different tech-families already after one year. Requires a bachelor degree within IT or engineering. 


Security engineering

This is a two-year programme, where you specialise in security engineering. This means getting to know the entire DNB security organisation, working hands on dealing with hackers, implementing security in our technical solutions, or supporting different business areas with security related issues. Alongside this you’ll get skills within architecture as well, to help broaden your technical perspective. Requires a masters degree within IT or engineering. 


IT architecture

This is a three-year programme, where you specialise in architecture. Becoming an IT architect normally require several years of experience working with complex engineering. In adittion to coding there are business requirements that technology should solve, and as an IT architect you'll be responsible for creating these technical solutions. This is a programme combining practical experience with academic education (in collaboration with UiO), tailored to enable you to take a job as a highly sought-after architect after three years. Requires a masters degree within IT or engineering. 


What you get


As a Greenhouse graduate in DNB, you are hired into a permanent position. You will sit in distributed tech teams across the bank, but will always have a home in Greenhouse; a place with great emphasis on technical discussions, learning, experience sharing and social events. Alongside being part of Greenhouse, you will get to have multiple rotations that will challenge and uplift your growth. When finishing your one-, two- or three-year programme, you are guaranteed a job within the track you have chosen, in a tech team matching your interests and experience.


As a part of the graduate programme, you get to build a unique network of connections across the bank, enabling you to better understand the challenges DNB and the banking industry is facing today. Being part of a group of graduates will both be strengthening your personal and professional growth, not to mention all the fun you’ll have joining in on social events!


We are on a transformational journey, moving away from traditional, project-based development, into stable, autonomous teams responsible for sustainable development throughout the entire development lifecycle (DevSecOps) - meaning you build it, you run it! Taking part in and understanding the entire value chain from idea, to launch and maintenance gives you a broad insight to the discipline of engineering and architecture, as well as to the financial industry.


Who are you?


You are graduating from an IT/engineering or security degree in the summer of 2022, or have a maximum of one year work experience, with a genuine interest in software development, IT architecture or cyber security. We work with a broad range of programming languages in DNB, and as long as you know how to code in your preferred language, it doesn’t matter which one.


You want to be part of an exciting and innovative programme, tailored to fit your need for continuous learning, alongside taking charge of your own workday where your ideas for how to make things better is valued and apreciated.


We work in modern facilities, centrally located in Bjørvika (Oslo), and offer most employees the opportunity to work remotely for two days a week. The remaining days of the week we want you to come join us in the office, being a part of building a great engineering culture and enhance cross team collaboration.


In the application process, we ask you to prioritise which track you are most interested in joining, but if you’re not sure exactly what you want your first job to be, that’s not a problem – apply now, and we’ll tell you more about the different tracks later!


How to apply


During the application process, we ask you to submit a resume, answer a few questions (no need to write a cover letter!) and upload your transcripts from higher education. Please make sure that these are uploaded correctly so we can get the full picture of your educational and professional background.


Want to learn more about the Greenhouse family?

Reach out to Fredrik Svendsen through, or submit your application today, and we’ll be in touch!


What’s next?


We want to make sure that our employees enjoy their time with us, and stay in DNB for a long time, therefore the recruitment process is quite thorough. After applying, we’ll ask you to complete a few logical tests (online), if you haven’t already had your first interview, we’ll invite you for a short phone call, then to join us for a technical interview or coding test (online) and finally a group assignment together with other potential greenhousers (online).


Curious about what our office location looks like? Don’t worry, if we end up sending you a job offer, we’ll also invite you in to have a look and meet our people face to face, so that you know what you’re signing up for!




A job in Norway's largest financial group offers professional challenges in an exciting work environment with many opportunities. DNB strives to create an inclusive workplace where people thrive and feel comfortable. We believe that equality and inclusion boost innovative thinking and collective competency which contributes to create an attractive and flexible company equipped for a changeable business landscape.


We are looking for skilled and motivated employees to meet customer needs and to achieve our goals. With so many varied disciplines and exciting opportunities in the future, we are looking for employees with different backgrounds and expertise. Are you engaged in focusing on the customer, and in addition fit our values: curious, brave and responsible, you might be exactly the person we need.


In DNB, we carry out background checks to verify that the information provided in your CV and other documentation is actually correct. Background checks are generally performed by an external independent third party. Former employers are typically contacted to check previous positions and periods of employment, while educational institutions are asked to confirm marks.


No background check will be conducted without your prior consent, and you will receive more detailed information about this, if applicable. For positions that require an authorisation and/or approval of suitability, a police certificate of good conduct will be required. Note that we will never ask you to give up your Bank-ID information during the recruitment process.

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